“The only thing worth saying is ineffable.”
Max McBride

News Bar

University Place, Greenwich Village.  There are great educational institutions spotted all around the City, but this is Ground Zero for higher education in New York–NYU, New School, Parsons, Cardozo Law School.  In the middle of it all a place called News Bar.  it has been there for decades.  So far it has survived the relentless Gentrification (or is…

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Praise for Tenebrae: A Memoir of Life and Death

“Max McBride is a visionary poet. His series of poems, Tenebrae: A Memoir of Love and Death, based on ancient services sometimes performed in the Roman Catholic Church, grapples with the death of his wife….I am filled with its humanity, its depth of vision, and imagination…These poems are some of the most moving poems I have…

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Trapped and Doomed

Excerpt from Max McBride’s novel, Mink Eyes: “They were walking between two rows of cages that faced each other. More than half the cages were empty. From the occupied cages, small, dark creatures peered at them through the wire mesh that covered the doors.  He peered back at them.  The cages were quite large. A…

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A Not So Happy Halloween

Excerpt from Max McBride’s novel, Mink Eyes: “Don’t stay too close, Dad,” Kelly said, “I don’t want them to think I’m a little girl.” When she walked up to the front doors of the houses, he stood off in the darkness, as she had sternly instructed him to do, so the people could not see that…

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